Under Armour Curry One ‘Underdog’ – Detailed Look

Stephen Curry released his first signature shoe this morning in two colorways – available now – and if for some odd reason you aren’t a fan of the GSW or his All-Star kick then you still have these to look forward to.

This pair is dubbed the ‘Underdog’ and in inspired by Curry’s story throughout his early years. Always the small guy on the court, and not quite as athletic as the rest, Curry worked hard and made a name for himself while attending Davidson. These sport the Wildcats’ team colors and bring in a more neutral tone versus the bright Blue and Yellow pair.

Expect these to release on March 14 for $120, and let me know if you grabbed a pair of the Curry One’s this morning – if so which colorway?

Under Armour Curry One 'Underdog' - Detailed Look 1

Under Armour Curry One 'Underdog' - Detailed Look 2

Under Armour Curry One 'Underdog' - Detailed Look 3



  1. Yo NW. Thanks for having a conscious about marketing on your site.

    You express real opinions and do not disguise the intent of your articles like SC and KG.
    I have been a little upset lately with a lot of SCs article writing tactics,as their reader is often too young to think critically of what brendan dunne is trying to sell them.

    I know ads pay bills but thanks for doing things with some class. SC and KG sure don’t

  2. love these and some of the more basic color ways. For some reason I thought they were originally releasing all color ways at the same time?

  3. I got the all star dark matter joints..I was gonna cop this color way but since it doesn’t release til march. Anyone else getting sick of white bottom outsoles?!

  4. I won all of my raffles this week. Thank goodness there’s this color way next month for Plan B. I thought the 30/30 was the one for me at first and I’m passing on the All Star Dark Matter. February just robs the hell out of Sneakerheads.

  5. I ordered both of them today, but the Underdogs are my favorite colorway so far (Go Blazers!). I would have taken those over both of today’s releases. But if we’re talking about the SC1 Lows, then all bets are off.

    1. Can’t wait till you do a performance review on these. Also will you be getting a pair of Adidas Rose 5 “Brenda” colorway with the woven uppers?

  6. Do we know where these are going to drop in March? They drop for UA stores in April apparently. I apologize if I’m being ignorant, not much of a sneakerhead but I’m really looking forward to these shoes.

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